Incacoin (INCA), is the new horizon, as well as the new future for the Peruvian people. Help them with their daily lives, trades, gifts and donations for infrastructure. For their kids to prosper and have a better future from education to their living situation.

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Next the 50% will be held in a separate wallet as a back up for the currency creation. It would work as "The Federal Reserve", for the Peruvian people, once the limit of 2.4 Quadrillion has been put in use/hold/bought.


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Future Development - To assure the future development of the Incacoin (INCA) and the expansion for the people to be able to exchange and use it more frequently.

INCACOIN de regreso al Dios Sol

On track to the Sun God

2.7 Quadrillion shares are left standing and ready to be put onto the market. Our team, and Investors have come together to help the outstanding shares increase by creating the liquidity pool. As time goes on, it will get bigger and more shares will be out there on the market to be bought and to hold.

​​​​45% Supply

INCA: 0xb2c1744C8B1edcc75116ce56C8659C507F7C14E5

From the Total supply of 6 Quadrillions 5% (300T) will go to a non-profit organization where all the funds will go to help the people's Infrastructure of Peru.