INCACOIN de regreso al Dios Sol

On track to the Sun God

Who are we?

We are a small active group of retail investors around 200 within the Stock / Crypto Market.

What do we do?

We concentrate our ideas, predictions, research, and projects to discuss the next move to be taken.

Who's behind this project?

Our founder, Sixtilio D. since the beginning said “We are a project with a International community, 

to help them in their infrastructure and lifestyle. The feeling of helping others is priceless.” 

How did the idea come about?

Our founder, Sixtilio is from Peru. Through his own eyes and lifetime experience, he's seen how terrible does the government treat their people , 

and how badly their living situations are. For example: no water / electricity / housing / pricing / currency devaluation and more.

He wanted to come up with a great idea that would benefit not only the holders, but also the Peruvian citizens together within one great project.

Where are we from?

We are from all different parts of the world. We work as a big community whether we create new currencies,

donate to infrastructure, or even group mission programs to help others.

Why Peru?

As each election happens every 4 years, the Peruvian presidential elections are around the corner, and through ties and networking

introducing the Incacoin as a future currency right now, is perfect timing.  

The Peruvian currency called "Sol", right now is becoming less valuable. The people are trying to survive with only $200-$300 a month.

What is the future for this project?

The Future for the Incacoin project is to be able to make it a currency for the Peruvian people,

as well as to donate to non-profit organizations dedicated to helping the infrastructure and living situations in Peru.

Where do you see it in 1  year?

If all goes as projected, in 1 year+ , we could be seeing group missions

while giving the people the opportunity to spend the Incacoin to purchase daily items like, food, ponchos, necessities, etc...

Another future add on would be a special wallet for the peruvian/exchange people to be able to use and buy


INCA: 0xb2c1744C8B1edcc75116ce56C8659C507F7C14E5