INCACOIN de regreso al Dios Sol

On track to the Sun God

5% Future Development

Starting at the 6 Quadrillion mark, 5% will be allocated in a separate wallet for the future of the Incacoin and projects within the coin that we have projected to add into as it grows.

Don't worry, those projects will be released later on as we see how the Incacoin grows and we'll be posting them on here. 

We wont give a specific date, as to avoid pumps and dumps, as this is not what we are aiming for. No make money quick guide here, all whales. Don't come in here trying to take money from the community, you will lose.

In so, 300T coins will be put to use for the financial relief that our Developers, Admins, and Marketing team will need to make our platforms their full time focus.

The Wallet will be named FT 5%

As the 5% will be used for what was said above. Its going to be well monitored to make sure that it will be dispensed in a respectful and safe manner to avoid any changes in price, as a mistakable dump. The limit will be a sell of .0005% or less from the 300T for its longevity to last and help use it for the project as well as it will vary depending on the price of the Incacoin if it rises, the % of the sell would become much less than .0005% for it to not mess with the price. 

Once in the future, the 300T has been used for the financing of the project, all 300T coins will be burned, as an appreciation from our holders, investors and everyone who has supported this project and has made it into a reality. By becoming something more than just any random coin.

This project could then be implemented for other Countries in the future if it does succeed.

5% of 6Q = 300T

INCA: 0xb2c1744C8B1edcc75116ce56C8659C507F7C14E5