INCACOIN de regreso al Dios Sol

On track to the Sun God

The Insurance

50% Back up/Currency/Federal Reserve

3 Quadrillion and the Expansion of Incacoin.

As the first half of the Incacoins in circulation starts to run out (2.3Q) in the future, the Inca Federal Reserve will start injecting more coins into the market to expand the currency. That way the Peruvian people would be able to keep on purchasing more tokens in the future as their currency to be able to buy/sell items/food/others.

These coins wont be touched and will be held in a separate wallet until its necessary to put more into the market.

Future loans, if people want to be able to borrow this might be a thing of the future as well within this project.

The Bank

The Currency

When I say Insurance, it means:

1. The protection of the continuation of the future of the currency.

2. Instead of sending it to VB like all other coins, as we have seen him dump on the other communities, we will be in control of the other 50%. As to put more onto the market or if we decide to burn tokens without dumping and hurting the holders.

3. Our future Non-profit organization partner, will be the only non-profit out there to be able to use the currency to help the people of Peru. So we would make sure that it is spent in the correct manner and without dumping.

4. Lastly, we are coming up with a anti-whale dumping system. Just incase any hedges/big whales want to liquidate us, or dump the price and spread FUD.

 The Inca Federal Reserve

INCA: 0xb2c1744C8B1edcc75116ce56C8659C507F7C14E5