5% Non-profit Org. Funds

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INCACOIN de regreso al Dios Sol

On track to the Sun God

Helping nowadays is nothing more than just sharing an article. Well for us, it's like the saying

"actions speak louder than words."

When coming together to form the incacoin project, our main focus was to help the Peruvian community. We decided to put all these "words" and make them into "actions".

We have come together, and agreed that 5% out of the 6 Quadrillion coins should be used only to help the people of Peru. We thought "what's the best way to know that the money is and will be spent on the people and not just taken out by the corrupt?", since Peru is full of corruption.

We have decided to donate the 5% meaning 300T Incacoins, to a future not yet created but already in the process Non-profit organizationcalledIncacoin.org. Specializing in helping the people of Peru in their infrastructure and way of living.

Incacoin.org, will be partnered with us to make sure the money is handled the right way, as well as overseeing the proper use and sell of the Incacoins. As always we want to protect our holders and investors, by working with them so they wont affect the price and try to sell all at once.

They will only be aloud to sell a small percentage which will also depend on the price of the coin at that time. 

Later in the future, when it is more set and stone. We will start planning group mission's, of about 5 - 10 lucky investors for a week, to help the Peruvian community with small events.